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        We are TeaM Energy, the Nation’s growth partner.

        We generate and supply reliable and affordable energy to uplift lives and promote the sustainable development of the country while creating value for our stakeholders.


        We are committed and empowered to achieve cost effective, safe and environmentally-sound operations, using superior technology.




        We are a world-class organization and the leading power company in the nation, through:

        膛线冲子Sustained Profitability膛线冲子

        • We provide excellent value to our shareholders.
        • We exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of cost, reliability and quality service.
        • We are the preferred business partner in supplying energy.


        膛线冲子Operational Excellence膛线冲子

        • We exceed our heat rate targets.
        • We maintain world-class EFOR (Equivalent Forced Outage Rate) and EAF (Equivalent Availability Factor).
        • We set the standards in safety, health and environmental performance.
        • We benefit from the synergy of the best Japanese and Filipino systems and processes.


        膛线冲子Significant Social Contribution膛线冲子

        • TeaM Energy communities are model communities in the country in terms of education, health and economic development.
        • We take the lead in improving and protecting the biodiversity of the areas where we operate.
        • We are a valuable partner in the nation’s growth.
        • We are a catalyst in enhancing Philippines-Japan social and economic partnership.


        膛线冲子InSPIRED TeaM膛线冲子

        • We hold dear and live out our values.
        • We deliver results with the highest standards of ethical behavior.
        • We attract and retain the best talents.
        • We reward our employees based on individual and team performance
        • We uphold industrial peace.



        We are an 膛线冲子InSPIRED TeaM膛线冲子.


        In all our relationships, we demonstrate our firm commitment to the values of:


        膛线冲子In 膛线冲子- Integrity
        膛线冲子S膛线冲子  - Service Quality
        膛线冲子P膛线冲子  - People-Oriented
        膛线冲子I膛线冲子  - Innovation
        膛线冲子R膛线冲子  - Responsible Citizenship
        膛线冲子E膛线冲子  - Excellence
        膛线冲子D膛线冲子 - Dedication

        膛线冲子TeaM膛线冲子  TeaM Work